If A Liar Lies In The Forrest Does It Become True

Riddle me this. When is a lie not a lie? No, this isn’t the sort of thing that has to do with a nun a rabbi and Tom Cruise and no, this isn’t something you can just google and find the answer to.

No Tom Cruise joke needed here, dudes like 5'4

So what’s the answer? Well, I’ll actually let someone else answer this question for me. Someone, I might add, who couldn’t riddle their way out of a wet paper bag.

Did you catch that? Oh, you didn’t watch the video? How nice, you’re reading this just to be nice to me aren’t you? Well it’s for your own good so watch the video……..

I’m waiting…

Ok, now did you catch it? What cornballer actually does here is give us two answers to our question.

The first answer, when is a lie not a lie….when it’s a policy. In a brutal, if not accidental and moronic display of honesty, the boy child President tells us that his party, the Republican party, had information that the American public deserved to know…they thought it over and decided that their strategy would be to lie…to everyone. Lying…just another utensil in the Republican kitchen drawer. As you can tell by the video, the only reason it came up was because the lie was so blatant and obvious and happened just a few days earlier.

What’s dishonest and old and white all over? The Republican Party. Ok, more of joke but its harder to come up with a good riddle on short notice than you might think.

Which brings me to the second answer, when is a lie not a lie…when you get away with it. George Bush tells everyone that he’s a liar on live TV and the press responds with a resounding…ummm yeah sure ok, moving on. The more appropriate follow up to this by every self respecting journalist would have been, Mr. President, why are you and the members of your circus of a political party such lying sacks of shit? Or, how often do you decide that dishonesty will be your official party platform??

This is probably the more maddening element to this topic. Why are people allowed to get away with shit like this?? Seriously, once you catch a guy like this in such an obvious lie I would think that everything is back on the table. If the reporter in the video had followed up with, “Mr. President, do you in fact wear ladies underwear”, I would have thought, hey…great question, who knows what this guy isn’t telling us.

So why doesn’t anyone call him out on this? I don’t want to get too off topic here but one of the main reasons is that pretty much every media outlet is owned by one man, Rupert Murdoch. One of his top executives is Roger Ailes…the cousin of George Bush. The same Roger Ailes that called the 2000 election for his cousin determines what knowledge you have access to.

Fat gay Bush. Yeah, you know it's funny.

How pervasive is their influence? Check out Roger’s…or as I like to call him, the fat Bush…wiki page. (Roger Ailes – Wiki) Now push and hold your Control key and push the letter F to bring up the find function. Now type in the word cousin. See what I’m talking about. See what isn’t there?  But seriously, look at what he controls…(Murdoch Holdings)…there are Bond villains that aren’t as successful as this guy.

Scaramanga...not as evil as Rupert Murdoch

We can discuss media monopoly another time, but make sure you bookmark this video…in fact make one of those favorite folder link things in your browser as this will surely be one of the few times you will hear a Republican be honest about anything without it coming from an undercover film…which we have…or without it being about their desire to subjugate every uterus on the planet.

Jumping back, I only reference this particular lie because it’s so easy to dissect. The video clearly catches the President with his panties down and it’s much harder to cover a lie with another lie when you have a sub par IQ. But we’re skipping over the greatest hits. Two of the greatest lies ever told to the American people by their leader were told by this same President. I’m speaking of course of the idea that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 LIE and that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction LIE.

If you and your party will lie about these two things then there is absolutely nothing that you won’t lie about. How was this not treason? How did they get away with this? Why are these people not in jail?

HuffPost – Two Most Essential Lies

I do realize that there have been other lying douche bags to take the job of President…like Nixon for example, but seriously, his weren’t as bad…and they didn’t have youtube back then anyway which makes it waaay more difficult to write these articles. Which brings up another great point. You can easily verify every lie these days. There are plenty of hard working people in this country that have nothing better to do with their time (self deprecation) who will gladly post every video of every lie uttered by every politician. Don’t let their lack of interaction with the opposite sex go to waste.

But let’s broaden our scope. George Bush was a dip shit so his lies are easier to see through. Others have been more successful. Let’s do a few of them really quick.

He'll lie you into a war, cut off your hand and freeze you in carbonite.

LIE  2008 – John McCain: “I have received the highest honors and awards from all our veterans’ organizations for my consistent support of them”. This in response to a question by a veteran as to why he cuts aid to veteran groups. The Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and the Vietnam Veterans of America all opposed McCain and rated his support as poor.

LIE  2008 – Sarah Palin: Governor Sarah claimed that she sold the Governor’s jet on eBay for a profit. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. It was of course NOT sold on eBay and was sold for a loss.

LIE  2008 – John McCain: During much of the entire campaign, McCain and company accused then Senator Obama of being a terrorist. Seriously. There are too many quotes, follow the link.

LIE  And Another  2010 – John Boehner: This fuckin guy, where do I start. Claimed the government was setting up a secret $160 million dollar fund to hand out abortions. That is of course a load of shit. He claimed that Obama called Israel a ‘Constant sore” on America. Creative, but still a lie.

And one of my favorites, claimed that Obama wanted to raise interest on student loans when he had actually voted for those increases himself…proposed by a little girl named Paul Ryan and that the Republicans would come to the rescue by paying for this interest with one of Obamacare’s “Slush funds”.

The slush fund in question was in fact money set aside to provide screenings for breast and cervical cancer. Man, what is that like 4 or 5 lies in one statement. So not only is he a liar…he’s a gifted liar. And a woman hater. And he’s a little bitch…seriously…he’s a grown man who cries all the time on live TV. And his skin is orange…god I hate this guy.

Grow a pair you fucking crybaby!

So this is just a small sampling of Republican lies from the last couple of elections. I really want to move on to this election so we had to pass up some of the classics like death panels and such…ohh Sarah Palin, we’ll get to you.

But it’s all good, these new Republicans have great material and let me tell you, these guys are professional liars. They might be the best at it do date. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will look you in the face and tell you any shit you want to hear.

Ohh Jesus, so now you're a fucking archer too?!

Paul Ryan…who by the way looks like he just entered Jr. High school…recently made a press release about all the charity work he does. There was a picture of him washing dishes at a homeless shelter to go with the statement. LIE. Turns out that not only was he pretending to wash dishes that were already clean, he didn’t even have permission to be there. So he broke into a homeless shelter to lie about washing dishes. These guys are really taking it to the next level. No word yet from the shelter administration if charges will be filed or from the after life on the damage Ryan has done to his eternal soul…or if he has one at all.

Ryan Washes Clean Dishes

Or how about when Paul Ryan claimed he ran a marathon in…what about 14 minutes or some shit? No, seriously, he claimed that it took him about 150 minutes to run over 27 miles. And he didn’t misspeak, he sat there bragging about how fuckin fast he is. God what a douche, what won’t he lie about? His actual time…which is posted on the internet for every man woman and child to see…was no where close.

Yo, Ryan…over here, I’m afraid you just went and made this personal.

And let’s not forget Romney. During the debate, President Obama stated that we can’t afford Mitt Romney’s 5 trillion dollar tax cut…referring to the endless times he has made this claim over the last year and a fucking half. Romney looked at him in the face and said…I don’t have that plan, I never said that. Wow…the balls…seriously…that’s like Mel Gibson claiming he’s fond of Jews.

Rolling Stone – Romney’s Lies

He went on to claim that Obama plans to cut $716 million dollars from Medicare…LIE…wait it gets better. That’s actually what he and Paul Ryan are planning to do. Here is that policy shit again. They know their ideas are so bad and so unpopular that they have decided to lie and say that they aren’t their ideas, they’re the Democrats’ ideas. I told you these guys were pros.

This gay ass rug lies less than Mitt Romney.

Mitt also said he had no plans to cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires…something that he has been claiming to do about every fifteen minutes since he lost the last election.

It’s no wonder that the President looked like a deer caught in headlights during that debate. Romney unleashed a lie tornado that just defies common sense. How do you debate a pathological liar?

Smokin Joe Biden is gonna tell you how. During his debate, every time Ryan opened his mouth to tell a lie, Biden laughed in his face and made him look like the spoiled brat that he is. Ryan would try to lie and Biden would give him a time out. Finally, someone who will stand up to these guys and call a lie a lie.

Good at debates, better at knife fights.

Of course the fat Bush cousin went to work immediately and the corporate media started crying like John Boehner after his hormone shots. Ohhh he was a dick to Paul Ryan. Ohhh he was rude to Paul Ryan. You know what…let me tell you what’s rude. Lying about how fast you are. Lying your country into a war and getting Americans killed. And it’s rude to let these guys get away with it….but for now I would settle for a youtube video of Joe Biden sucker punching Paul Ryan.

Son I'll make you wish you washed dirty dishes for a living. Now get me a whiskey.

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